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Jim Bosh Headshot

Jim bosh


Bosh grew up in New York City and he would pester the radio DJs daily. Eventually some asked him to visit their studios and encouraged him to get into the business. (most likely to get him out of town) He enjoys spending time with his wife, Dawn, his son Jonathan, Cooper the dog and Chloe the cat. In his spare time Bosh is a voice actor and you've probably heard him doing some of his many character voices.

Bob Worthington Headshot

Bob worthington


Bob is a lifelong Chicago Cubs fan and collects sports memorabilia like baseball, football, and hockey cards along with spending quality time with his family!

Rodney Tanner Headshot

Rodney tanner


This guy LOVES music! His radio career started because he wanted to have a job where he could play music all the time. That narrowed it down pretty quick. He thought it would be a good job till he graduated college. He's often asked, "what's your favorite song?" Or, "what's your favorite music?" The answer is "depends on the day." Join Steve for lots of great music and some good stories about your favorite songs and artists. And, yeah, that diploma is still on hold.

John Gleason Headshot

John gleason


John has worked in radio for multiple decades and is multi-talented with his voice-acting abilities. When John is not on the radio he enjoys spending time with his family along with reading and writing.

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